Our goal has always been to change the concept of dental units. In our modest opinion and according to the experience acquired over the years, dentists need to have equipment that is above all Reliable, but also that it is Functional, Ergonomic, with a pleasant aesthetic and, preferably, at a reasonable cost ... that's exactly what we do!

Spending more doesn't always mean having the best. We remove what is expendable and improve what is necessary.

Simplicity is what best describes Foquim Dental. WYSIWYG, in a market that curiously everyone is a market leader (!?), Foquim Dental is what you see, serious, honest and always available to help with whatever is needed. We are proud that our best advertising is our customers, recommending us to their colleagues, and always remembering us when they need to change equipment or expand their clinics.


Foquim Dental company was born in March 2006, but its team has been working in the dental field since 1995. This time allowed us to expand our customer and distributor base, not only to Portugal, but also to Europe and Africa.

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